Tim Mikeska – Taylor, TX

Tim Mikeska of Mikeska BrandsTim Mikeska is CEO of Mikeska’s Bar-B-Q Inc. and owns Mikeska Brands. Raised in Taylor Texas, and son of the dean of Texas Pitmasters, Rudy Mikeska, Tim learned to cook at an early age and grew up making sausage and catering Texas Bar-B-Q with his father.

Tim is a 5th generation master butcher and sausage maker. Rudy taught his son Tim how to make sausage when he was only 7. By 12, Tim could break down a whole beef carcass.

Tim has served US Presidents, US Congress, Texas Governors, British Royalty, Texas Legislature, actors and famous musicians throughout the United States. He has also served his Texas Bar-B-Q in England, Germany, Bosnia, and Canada. He has served events of over 21,000 guests. Tim has been featured on the Food Network’s Food Nations program with Chef Bobby Flay, The Travel Channel with Chef Andrew Zimmern, the Emmy award winning “Masters of Texas Barbecue,” the CBS Early Show and 4 books about Texas Bar-B-Q.

Some of Tim’s proudest moments were traveling to Bosnia to serve his Bar-B-Q to U.S. Peacekeepers on July 4th and to Texas Task Force One upon their return from New York and rescue operations at the World Trade Center. He also served the 4th Infantry Division upon their return to Texas after capturing Saddam Hussein and donated a feast for over 3,000 Texas National Guard Soldiers and their families upon their return from active duty in Bosnia.

Tim Mikeska Beef Tri TipTim is the recipient of the Texas Eagle Award from Texas Military Forces and the 7 Seals award from the United States Military Forces. His company was named as a finalist at Baylor University Business School’s, Family Business of the Year in 1996. Named “The Commissioner of Texas Barbecue” by the Governor of Texas and his family was honored by Texas Monthly Magazine as “The First Family of Texas Barbecue”

Lately Tim has returned to his roots as a master butcher at his family’s exotic game ranch in Texas. He finds it most relaxing processing over 18 different exotic species. He has stated… “I am the happiest when I have a knife in my hand, a carcass on the rail, and sausage ready to hang in the smoker”

Tim has focused his future business with his popular Mikeska Brands USDA Certified Smoked Meats currently in 13 U.S. States.

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